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Waxbrothers LTD. Malahide Road, Dublin

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Essential Oils 10ml Bottles Aloe Vera Gel Balm Making Candle Fragrance 100ML Bottles Candle Fragrance 250ML Bottles Candle Fragrance 30ml Bottle Candle Fragrance 350g Block Candle Fragrance 500ml Candle Fragrance 50ML Bottles Candle making kits Candles Retail Candles Wholesale Carrier oils Cellophane & Ribbon Citric acid, Bi carbonate soda Clam Box melts Creams Dye for Candles Essential Oils 30ml Bottle Essential oils 500ml (large bottle) Essential oils 50ml Fragrance oils Glue Dots Incense Labels Melts & Scent Shots Microcrystaline Moulds Oil Burners Pouring Pots & Thermometers Scales Shea Butter, Vitamin E Stearin additive for Paraffin Sustainers for Wick (Tabs) T lights cups Tins Vitamin E Vybar wax Additive Wax - For Batik Wax - Paraffin Wax - Soy Halloween Sale Wax - Soya & Rapeseed Wax : Bees wax Wax : Cut & Carve Wax : Scented Soya Wax Wick - Cotton Wick For Moulds Wick - For Bees Wax Wick - Pre Waxed for Containers Wick - Pre Waxed wick kits Wick - Wooden




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Waxbrothers Candles

Friday 28th, October


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Waxbrothers Candles & Candle Making Supplies.
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Soy Wax for Containers. Try the Cb135 if you are new to candle making. It's perfect for tea cups, tins, containers. They are nearly all the same and have a creamy finish. When you progress a bit try the different blends like Advanced soy for containers. Xcel soy for containers and the Ultimate soy for containers. Everyone has there favourite wax. Paraffin Wax : Ideal for making candles in Moulds. This is not the best wax for making candles in cups or Jars. They make strong melts. Try adding 1 to 3% Vybar for rubber moulds. This Wax may contain moisture at colder climates. The candles will require a top up. Vibrant colours with our candle dye Cut & Carve Wax: This is for making cut & carve candles. Plenty of practice required for this. Some Candle makers try adding microcrystaline to there wax to aid in cutting. May contain moisture at colder climates. Great colours with our candle making dye blocks. Try experimenting with our liquid dye.

Bees Wax: This can be a sticky wax. Try making your own Bees/paraffin blend. 70% Paraffin /30% Bees wax. This is also perfect for making Balms, lotions & Potions. We have balm tins in our tin section or just click this link Balm Tins.

Soy Wax for Pillars. Try this Pillar wax for making candles in Moulds. This is a nice wax to use. You will have to experiment with the dye blocks and maybe use more than with Paraffin wax. Pastel colours.
High melt point  Paraffin wax for making Hurricane wax Candles. Melt the wax and pour into your mould. leave to set until the sides are setting. Pour out the melted wax from the middle. Its really that simple.
Over Dip Wax. Dip your candles in this wax to get a nice finish Stearin or Steric acid is a plant extract that will improve the appearance of your candles and aid in mould release. Add between 5 to 10% to your wax. Take notes.         
Vybar is an additive to add to Paraffin wax to improve the structure of the wax. It is great for doing solid colour moulds. Ideal for strongly scented candles also. Shea Butter. Try adding this butter to soy wax to make massage candles. Make your own blend or try this one. 200g She to 800g Soy. Makes a lovely moisturiser Aloe vera. Try adding lavender essential oil and a carrier oil to make a soothing gel Essential Oils. Try the different size bottles. 10ml or 50ml. You can add carrier oil to essestial oil and make your own candle or soap fragrance.
Candle Making Fragrance Candle Making Dye Pre Waxed wick Cotton Wick 

Candle Making Moulds.

You have plenty of moulds around the house or buy our moulds to make candles to re sell.

Melts: Try our Branded or unbranded Clam mets box. They are a great seller with a very strong fragrance. Pouring Pots Candle Thermometers

Frankincense & Ginger (24 Packs)


€2 Each Wholesale  Click to Buy

Spicy Apple   (24 packs)


24 Packs of Melts  Click to Buy

Lavender  (24 packs)


€2 Each Wholesale   Click to Buy

Holly Berry & Mistletoe  (24 Packs)


€2 Each Wholesale     Click to Buy

Waxbrothers Christmas Fairs
Nov : Cork Craft Fair
* 25th, 26th & 27th Nov: Doonbeg Christmas Craft fair. Clare

* 8, 9, 10, & 11th Mullingar Craft Fair
*4th Dec Craft Fair (tbc)
* 11th Dec : Naul Craft Fair. Dublin
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Wholesale Candle making supplies.
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Large Selection of Secondhand moulds. check the link for moulds and secondhand moulds.



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