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Viewing 4 x 20kg Box of Q210 container wax(new)

Tuesday 16th, October


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4 x 20kg Q210 soy container wax boxes. Pre order deal. The EcoSoya Q210 is a great option for container candles and tealights. We found this wax had perfectly smooth tops and great glass adhesion. This formula has been dermatologist tested so it is also perfect for massage candles and other cosmetic applications. The new EcoSoya Quantum soy waxes feature new technology that virtually eliminates frosting, allows for higher fragrance loads, higher pour temperatures and produces vivid colors. Ideal fragrance load is 6-9% for optimal hot throw. Candle Making Note: Based on our testing, we recommend using the LX wick series with this wax. We found it to burn the most evenly across different candle diameters and fragrances. The ECO and HTP wick series created unusual looking mushrooms after burning, most prominent in higher fragrance loads. Suggested replacement for CB-135 and CB-Advanced wax. When testing a new soy wax, it can be challenging to find the right process. To help you get the best results from NGI's new Q210 soy wax We didn’t test for cosmetic applications. But this is a cosmetic-grade soy wax and can be a viable replacement for CB 135. It’s also a suitable replacement for CB Advanced soy wax due to its similar aesthetics. Q210 isn’t a great choice for making tarts or wax melts. Our test melts and wax tarts were too soft for proper storing and handling. Even removing them from our molds caused damage. Aesthetics Surface and Glass Adhesion Our candles poured at 160ºF had excellent glass adhesion, with almost no signs of wet spots. We did notice that some of these candles had an uneven surface around the wick. The test candles we poured at 150ºF or lower were more prone to wet spots but did have smoother tops. Our test pours at 130ºF or lower produced air bubbles in the liquid wax. But the bubbles dissipated on their own and left a smooth surface after the wax cooled. While we conducted our tests, we didn’t take any steps to prevent wet spots from forming. For best results we recommend starting your test pours at 170ºF and adjusting as needed.


Our Price : €340