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Essential Oils (a) 10ml Aloe Vera Gel Candle Fragrance (c) 50ML Candle Fragrance (d) 100ML Candle Fragrance (e) 250ML Candle Fragrance (f) 500ml Candle Glitter 100g Bottle Candle Making Course Online Candle making kits Carrier oils Cellophane & Ribbon Clam Box for melts Dye for Candles Essential oils (b) 50ml Gift Voucher Glue Dots Labels massage Oils Pouring Pots & Thermometers Shea Butter, Vitamin E Stearin (Palm Stearin) Sustainers for Wick (Tabs) Vybar wax Additive Wax - Paraffin Wax - Soya Wax : Bees wax Wax : Cut & Carve Wick - Cotton Wick For Moulds Wick - For Bees Wax Wick - For Soy Wax Wick - Pre Waxed for Containers Wick - Pre Waxed wick kits Wick - Wooden Wick : Oil Burner




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Waxbrothers Candle making supplies

Friday 06th, December



What wax to use
* I want to make candles in Glasses , tins or containers. What is the best wax to use?
Try our Soy wax for containers. It's a nice creamy wax that sticks to the container.

Making your own pre waxed wick:
 is an easy project and keeps the cost down. Buy a wick pack, Dip the wick in wax, let it set. Cut to desired size. Thread the wick through the sustainer (Tab) and crimp with a plyers. Buy our pre waxed wick making kits.
Waxbrothers have everything you need to start making candles.
  Help at info@waxbrothers.ie
086 8309343
There is no need for expensive candle making lessons.
 Free advice and help line with all candle making kits.
Make your candles and sell them at your local market. 
 Free wick advice
We can make up soya candle making kits with free back up from us and video instructions.  We can help you with advice on choosing the perfect wick to using the right wax for your project. Email us if you need instructions, when you get your kit.
Waxbrothers have several types of wax for sale for different projects.
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