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Essential Oils (a) 10ml Aloe Vera Gel Balm Making Candle Fragrance (a) 10ml Candle Fragrance (b) 30ml Candle Fragrance (c) 50ML Candle Fragrance (d) 100ML Candle Fragrance (e) 250ML Candle Fragrance (f) 500ml Candle Fragrance 350g Block Candle Glitter 100g Bottle Candle Making Course Online Candle making kits Candles Retail Candles Wholesale Carrier oils Cellophane & Ribbon Clam Box for melts Creams Dye for Candles Essential oils (b) 50ml Essential oils (c) 500ml Fragrance oils Gift Voucher Glue Dots Hamper Baskets Hamper Box Labels massage Oils Melts & Scent Shots Microcrystaline Moulds Pouring Pots & Thermometers Scales Shea Butter, Vitamin E Soap - Butter base Soap Base Soap supplies - Citric Acid Soy Wax sale December Stearin (Palm Stearin) Sustainers for Wick (Tabs) T lights cups Tins Vitamin E Vybar wax Additive Wax - For Batik Wax - Paraffin Wax - Soya Wax : Bees wax Wax : Cut & Carve Wax : Scented Soya Wax Wick - Cotton Wick For Moulds Wick - For Bees Wax Wick - For Soy Wax Wick - Pre Waxed for Containers Wick - Pre Waxed wick kits Wick - Wooden Wick : Oil Burner




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Viewing Pouring Pots (2kg)

Tuesday 16th, October



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Code : p104 Professional Pouring Pots (12 pots)

12 pouring pots. Hold 2kg melt...

Our Price : €240

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Code : p105 Professional Pouring Pots (24 pots)

24 pouring pots . 2kg melted w...

Our Price : €432

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Code : p1001 Professional Pouring Pot

1 Professional Pouring Pot - 4...

Our Price : €24.55

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Code : p106 Professional Pouring Pots (500 pots)

500 Bulk pots. Ideal for suppl...

Our Price : €email us

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Code : p1002 Candle making Pouring Pots (3 Pots)

3 pots Deal. Each holds (4 lbs...

Our Price : €62.00

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